Alan Syliboy

The Artist

Alan Syliboy lives in Millbrook, Nova Scotia. Since the mid 1970s his paintings, drawings and design work have been recognized as a unique contribution to Canadian cultural life.

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The Experience

The Experience

A multimedia art exhibit based on the story of Little Thunder. Through various forms of art, follow Little Thunder as he learns about his M’ikmaw identity.

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The Story

The Story

Through Alan’s various forms of art, a viewer follows Little Thunder as he learns how to make thunder for the first time.

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The book

The Book

Based on the spectacular mixedmedia exhibit of the same name, The Thundermaker brings to vivid life the story of Little Thunder.

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Featured Books

The Stone Canoe

The Stone Canoe: Two Lost Mi'kmaq Texts

by Peter Sanger, Elizabeth Paul, illustrated by Alan Syliboy
"a story about two stories and their travels through the written record"

Stories of the Six Worlds

Six Stories from the Six Worlds: Mi'kmaw legends

by Ruth Holmes Whitehead.
"it is the stories, passed down by word of mouth, that best preserve and present Mi’kmaw culture"

The Language of this Land

The language of this land, Mi'kma'ki

by Trudy Sable & Bernie Francis
"an exploration of Mi’kmaw world view as expressed in language, legends, song and dance".

Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs

Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs

We are able to glimpse aspects of Mi'kmaq traditions and culture through the enduring rock art they have created.
View the George Creed Mi'kmaq Tracings Collection

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About the multimedia project

The Thundermaker exhibit was a partnership between First Nation’s artist Alan Syliboy and Nova Scotia Public Libraries. This project had three goals: to demonstrate public libraries as venues for arts, culture, learning, and understanding; to showcase Mi’kmaw legend, culture, and history: and recognize the contribution and opportunity of First Nation’s artists in Nova Scotia’s cultural economy. We recognize the role played by Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage. Without their financial contribution this project would not be possible.

"Thundermaker" visited public libraries throughout Nova Scotia from October 2014 - June 2015. 26,593 people viewed the Thundermaker exhibit! 590 people took part in the 11 exhibit openings. Representatives of local band and municipal councils, community members, and school children attended. Local media were at each opening and the exhibit was covered by APTN, Global, and CTV. 23,489 people visited the 11 library locations. 2514 children and youth attended as part of organized tours with guided talks offered by the artist, library staff or volunteers.

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Alan Syliboy