Alan Syliboy The Artist

Alan SyliboyAlan Syliboy was born and raised in Truro and lives in the Millbrook First Nations community. Among many achievements, in 2007 Alan took part in creating illustrations for the novel “The Stone Canoe: Two Lost Mi’kmaq tales,” which inspired him to continue his use of the Little Thunder character throughout his works, even co-writing a song for his band Lonecloud, called “Little Thunder.”

In 2009 Alan collaborated with Nance Ackerman and Paton Francis to create the animation, “Little Thunder” for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics using Alan’s interesting and beautiful style. The animation showcased the true magnificence of his artwork and solidified its incredible potential.

Alan has looked to the indigenous Mi'kmaq petroglyph tradition (rock drawings) for inspiration and developed his own artistic vocabulary out of those forms. They are both beautiful and inspirational and speak of a rich culture and tradition. He is currently working on a graphic novel which features Little Thunder. The book will be available in 2015.

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